List Your Home

How do I choose a real estate agent?  Do I pick the person from the bus bench or a former Hollywood agent/producer/executive?  Everyone claims to be an “expert”.  What makes them “experts”?  You have decided to buy or sell a home, which is often your most important real estate investment.  The question is who will best represent my interests?  It can be very confusing.

My passion for helping people sets me apart.  I put the “real” in real estate for my clients, informing them every step of the way with a commitment to them and their extended families – after all, we have a life plan and goal to grow our investments.  Many of my clients use my services two or three times over for resale, or for their second or third investments.   I’ve met with parents, client’s attorneys, business managers, accountants, loan officers so that everyone is comfortable with the investment.   Modern technology has taken over everyone’s life, but real estate is and remains a very personal thing. It requires face to face conversations, sometimes heated debates, but always with the intention to provide the best service for my clients.

How many agents have lived in this neighborhood their entire lives?  There are a few and I know them all.  Very few people know this area better than me.  I’ve played on these streets as a child, dreamed about living in beautiful houses on others and marveled at the architectural masterpieces on many more.  This is where my passion for this area began and remains.  Let me show you and prove my true passion and “expertise”.